How To Get The Sexual Relationship You Wish For

Some years ago Rhonda Byrne published a book called The Secret – although it actually came out as a film first, the book sold millions of copies, and led loads of people to investigate the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is something that’s fascinated people for generations, if not millennia: this is because we all have a desire to make life easy for ourselves, and getting what we want by visualizing it in the mind might seem to be the easiest way of all!

Well, I have some news for you – the law of attraction does actually work, and is a legitimate way of changing your life for the better, but it isn’t as easy to apply as people have thought, or been led to believe by people like Rhonda Byrne.

The truth here is that, to start with, getting what you want through the law of attraction, whether it be greater prosperity, financial wealth, or a better relationship (or indeed any relationship at all) depends on you being spiritually evolved enough to be able to utilize the concepts and principles behind the law of attraction.

What Are These Concepts Behind the Law of Attraction?

Well the truth is that first of all they require you to be able to move into a meditative space, which is defined by the alpha wave brain rhythm. If you are an experienced meditator, and good at relaxing, you can probably do this anyway, see you’re well ahead of the game here!

Secondly, they require you to be able to visualize your desired objective in intense detail. Now many people say they can visualise, but there are an equal member who claim that they cannot. But if I ask you to think of a lemon, some image or a picture or sensation comes into your mind – that’s visualization.

So assuming that you, like the rest of us can visualize, the fact that so many people say they can’t is probably more to do with the fact that they have difficulty motivating themselves. Why should that be?

Let’s assume that you want a better relationship, and you have several conflicting notions of what that relationship might look like. The truth is most people do not formulate clear objectives and ideals – they don’t generally know what the clearest form of their desired objective is. That’s why most people who say they can’t visualize, at least in my opinion, don’t have enough motivation to use the Law of attraction successfully.

What I mean to say is, they can’t maintain focus on any particular objective for long enough to make it intensely desirable – when it is more likely to come into their lives.

To make this clearer, consider this: when you are trying to visualize a better relationship,  or when you want a relationship, greater prosperity, or any other objective you want to bring into your life, you need to have an absolutely clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve.

If you think of this in terms of getting where you want to go, you can see immediately that you wouldn’t set out on the road for any journey without some kind of map or satellite navigation programmed with your destination.

It’s exactly the same when you’re trying to visualize an objective and bring it to reality through manifestation by the law of attraction. You need a very clear image of what you want, an image that is going to be sufficiently emotionally engaging for you to genuinely set out with high enough commitment to motivate you to work on it on a daily basis.

Now I know this may sound quite daunting, but you don’t get something for nothing: in a sense, the reward of being able to manifest what you want through the universal processes like manifestation is so great that there has to be a “payment” made by you. In this case of course the payment is not financial! Rather, it’s about motivation, commitment, time for visualization and – perhaps the limiting factor for many many people – commitment to yourself.

You see, in the end, this is about your commitment to changing your life for the better, this is about your commitment to getting what you want, and indeed this is actually fundamentally about your sense of self-worth!

Do you feel worthwhile enough to believe you can have a good relationship, or will you continue to settle for nothing at all or a poor-quality relationship which is far below that which you actually deserve?

Well, it’s your decision in every way. The truth is there are plenty of websites around which will show you exactly how to use the law of attraction to get what you want, be it financial prosperity or a great relationship, or indeed anything else.

There is one which I particularly like called, which sets out to give you every piece of information you could possibly need about manifestation and the law of attraction, and really you don’t need any other resource than this, in my opinion.

So if you want to actually work on the process of manifestation yourself, find out all about it, get to the real truth behind books like The Secret, and find out what it was actually trying to tell you, in a way that’s simple and easy to understand, you should go to an expert who’s actually used the Law of Attraction over many years of his or her life, rather than to somebody seeking to make a great deal of money out of writing about this, without perhaps the personal experience of manifestation and the law of attraction in everyday life, where using it made a real difference to their well-being.

Of course it’s possible for people to make a great deal of money by coming up with a popular book or film which purports to explain the principles of manifestation, but the truth is that there is no substitute for the reality of experience.

There is no substitute for actually having used manifestation in your life on a day-to-day basis for many years to understand how it works.

This allows one to convey the mechanism behind it to other people who might want to also use it to improve the quality of their life for the better.

And remember, there’s nothing mysterious about visualization and manifestation, because it’s actually an ability that is granted to us by virtue of our humanity; it is a fundamental part of the human condition.


Sex Positions For Fat People

There’s no point trying to avoid this issue – fat people want to have sex just as much as other people! But unfortunately fat women may not see themselves as particularly attractive – and, for that matter, fat men may not see themselves as very attractive either.

Okay so that’s a misogynistic, sexist and probably a fattist statement as well, but regrettably it’s true. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that fat people don’t regard themselves as attractive, they may suffer social anxiety disorder as a consequence, and they certainly suffer sexual dysfunctions of various kinds related to their obesity.

For men, one of the most common sexual dysfunctions related to obesity is erectile dysfunction, and another is premature ejaculation – a fact which is probably much less well-known than the commonly known condition of erectile dysfunction amongst fat men.

Fat and obese women can also suffer social anxiety, they also report less sexual enjoyment, lower levels of sexual desire, higher levels of unwanted pregnancy, less effective use of contraception… all of which could be associated with body shame issues.

I have to say that I think one effective way in which people can deal with this is to first of all find an effective diet like The Fat Loss Factor* (yes, a diet!) and, secondly, find out what is causing them to lay down high levels of fat on their bodies – Teal Swan, for example, suggested that FAT acts as a boundary, a physical boundary, between themselves and other people, a protection against interaction and engagement formed due to early emotional wounding.

*Another good diet for men, which seems to produce great results, is the Adonis Golden ratio, which you can read about here.

Sex positions

But I want to focus in this post on something more practical: sex positions for fat people, and the question of how sexual enjoyment can be increased among a group of people who clearly could be considered to be at a disadvantage when it comes to manipulating their bodies into lovemaking positions.

It’s a live issue for a lot of people, and clearly there’s a lot to think about: man on top, for example, surely becomes impractical because of the weight of the man, and any position which requires the woman to sit on the man is probably also impossible because of her weight: so which sexual positions are available to obese or overweight people?

At a rough guess: rear entry, with the woman having her belly on the bed and the man standing behind her; forward entry by the man standing on the side of the bed, with the woman lying on her back with her legs over the edge; side-by-side, if the genitals can be brought close enough to allow penetration; and of course oral sex.

But since I’m no expert on the subject, and I don’t have any experience of sexual intercourse with a fat partner, and I’m not fat myself, I thought perhaps the easiest way to bring some relevant information to bear on the subject was to offer the video produced by this lady for your enjoyment.

Sexual positions suitable for fat people fat people: a video

Perhaps I should just add in conclusion that sex positions for fat people may not be very fulfilling, even when both the man and the woman want to engage in sex. In fact it can be quite awkward to find a position that is comfortable. This can be made worse if neither the man nor the woman actually have a high level of fitness.

For example, the missionary position, which I’ve already suggested isn’t suitable for overweight people could actually be used by a couple where pillows are placed under woman’s buttocks so the angle of her vagina is modified to make penetration easier. Even so, the man will need to be in a kneeling position, and the whole thing can begin to seem like a chore rather than pleasurable.

One highly recommended position, however, is to have the woman lying on her side with her knees bent, supported as necessary by pillows perhaps under her hip. The man should kneel behind her (like you would be doing if you are going into the doggy style position), but instead, he lifts one of her legs and enters her from behind while kneeling behind her.

Another possibility revealed by ask is to have the woman place her vagina over the man’s penis, but not to sit on top of him as in the normal female on top position. Instead, she can lean back on her arms, placing them outside the man’s knees which are raised up – the woman is facing the man, in case that wasn’t clear – and her legs and feet will go over his shoulder.

The woman can use her feet to push herself up and down on the man’s erection, and the couple can quickly establish coordinated movement between them.

Find out how the Adonis golden ratio can help you lose weight and look great

A radical new approach to weight loss for men has been announced by John Barban, author of the Venus Factor, a guide to weight loss and fitness conditioning for women.

His revolutionary new program for men is called the Adonis diet, and is based on the proposal that different parts of the body need to be in a particular ratio to each other to attain the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

You can read about the Adonis golden ratio in many places on the Internet, but suffice it to say that there does appear to be some circumstantial evidence that many natural biological entities evolved to form proportions between different parts of themselves which conform with the supposed golden index.

As far as the male body is concerned, when particular areas have a certain proportion to each other, the body is said to be in the most aesthetically pleasing form possible: that’s the ratio of shoulder circumference to waist circumference, and the proportion of torso length to overall body length.

Adonis Index 

Now clearly many bodies are different sizes and shapes, but the proposal John Barban makes is that the difference that we see in the body’s different individuals is basically caused by differing amounts of fat and or muscle tissue.

His objective is to assure everyone that they can work out with particular regime that will allow their body to conform as closely as possible to the Adonis effect ratio — and this turns out to be much more closely than you might think.

Where we are held back from achieving an ideal body shape is the fact that so many bodies are grossly obese, and that the difficulty of shifting fat prevents people getting to grips with obtaining an ideal body shape.

Rapid weight loss, diets, and exercise programs have swept across the Internet in their thousands in recent years, and this is undoubtedly because there is a huge demand in a culture where obesity has become almost normal, for weight loss.

Yet one of the big problems with weight loss systems, and indeed Internet diets in particular, is that the people who undertake them rarely find motivation to continue through to completion.

This is not surprising, because there are deep psychological reasons why each of us may be eating to excess: and these are in fact some of the most profound motivational factors that the human body and mind have to deal with.

In other words, to obtain the motivation to exercise or to engage in a diet and lose weight, people must experience support and motivation from others who are trying to achieve the same objective as they are.

In the Adonis golden ratio community, an Internet forum allows people who are seriously trying to lose weight to connect with each other and gain mutual support.

You may be surprised to discover that these communities are truly supportive, because in many cases Internet forums provide an opportunity for mutual criticism and backbiting and what has become known as “trolling”.

Yet on the Internet community for the Adonis golden ratio, harmony reigns — support is mutual — and results are tangible.

Now I know this may sound too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is that John Barban has revolutionized the field of weight loss and dieting, and he has managed to do what nobody else has done: to design and build a successful Internet program that actually works in the field of dieting!

What he is basically done is to start from scratch, and write a program that is fundamentally designed for men.

You see, the fact is that men and women have specific requirements for dieting, nutrition and exercise — particularly if they’re trying to lose weight! It’s important that each sex follows the restrictions of their gender. Male and female physiology is vastly different.

Barban understands this, and he’s written a program specifically for men which takes account of male physiology, and he has further personalized it so that every individual who signs up for the program can take the Adonis system in a form that is personally correct for them.

It’s this individual approach which leads to great success, and it’s this individual approach which has revolutionized the provision of “how to lose weight “information on the Internet.

Of course not everybody who signs up with the Adonis index will be successful, because not everybody is as strongly motivated as strong as the next man.

The thing that I can safely say is that if you are seriously motivated to lose weight, then the Adonis system will give you the greatest chance of doing so, among any of the common and well-known diet programs on the Internet like, for example, PX90 and Insanity.

Successful manifestation

It’s clear that if you are attempting to co-create anything in the world, or to explore the principles of manifestation, as expounded by Napoleon Hill in “Think & Grow Rich” , there are three important parameters that ought to be brought into the equation.

Perhaps the most vital is total commitment. In popular language we name it firmness of purpose. This quality is a key component when you are trying to manifest anything since it clearly shows your absolute confidence in your ability to move towards your adopted outcome.

Video: Successful Manifestation

A basic truth is this: wholehearted commitment is a clear reminder to your mind and brain that you are resolute about achieving your goal, no matter what the problems may be. And if the Oneness (another word for God) appreciates that you are sure of your aims, your spiritual connection starts to show you possibilities of how life can be – and so propel you towards your goals more simply and efficiently than you could ever imagine. Click here to find out more about how the law of attraction can help you manifest anything you desire.

You can understand that the part of your mind responsible for manifesting physical reality needs to have something that you could call an operating system or program in the same way as a PC; your primal manifestation power depends more or less totally on a appropriate set of operating instructions. In manifestation, your program is always your wished-for goal. If you don’t have this, nothing very impressive will can be expected to change – either now or in the future.

And what next? Well, experts agree you need closely held and passionate desire! This means you must feel into yourself and find a highly significant improvement in money, relationship, circumstances.

I always emphasize the essential nature of strongly held hope for what you want most in life. For sure, if you wish to manifest your reality, desire is the catalyst behind our ability to manifest. The mechanism by which this extremely powerful force can create hard physical reality is as yet unexplained. Essentially, why should we seek to know?

But most men and women expect more answers. Surely our hope lies here. That matter and energy are the same. Many of our finest minds concur – our mental energy can indirectly impact the evolution of material things.

Have a vision and achieve it via manifestation

Bright ideas are the foundation of manifestation

Perhaps your reaction to this is, “it’s impossible!” I say, good for the skeptics – as long as they keep an open mind. When you see such strange claims, lack of clarity understandable as a mental attitude. Even so, we damage ourselves when we strive to reduce the likelihood of the human ability around manifestation, conscious creation, and the Laws that govern creation and conscious manifestations.

Despite the critics, the doubters, and the cynics, the more spiritual aspects of human existence – manifestation and creation – are widely accepted as natural human gifts by scientists and lay people alike.

Even though many people have tried to ridicule manifestation, most balanced people truly believe in our capacity to run our own lives truly and effectively. The next necessary element of getting what you want is expectancy.

It’s a kind of belief, but there is a subtle but important difference of meaning. This may illustrate it: you think that you might win any lottery where you have an entry ticket, but you – I would guess – don’t expect to win big, even though you are certain that some happy recipient wins a major prize every drawing.

Manifestation made real

Manifestation made real

After all, you you need to be open to receive the whatever the universe offers to you. The Great Mystery is not unpredictable and isn’t going to produce anything unless the preconditions that apply to the Laws of Attraction are matched.

In fact, issues with manifestation not working arise when a person is “operating” from a long standing and limiting mindset which may well prevent them from employing the principles of the Law of Attraction as a key part of our existence. Such challenges become instantly clear when you think of a fairly common want: to get great riches.

A lot of individuals begin with the goal of manifesting financial riches. After months picturing their bank packed with assets, they stop trying because it hasn’t worked. There’s a quite simple trick which anyone can do to examine the solidity of your belief. What if, you desired to attain enough money to retire on? Whether you think this is a genuine possibility depends on many variables. For many people, the difficult issue is how this might occur. By detaching from the desired outcome, you can perhaps understand that while the “hows” can be a powerful dilemma in manifestation, should you move past that mindset, it’s simple to acquire this level of wealth without even currently being able to imagine or understand how it is to be attained.

Making a Great Leap Forward in Evolutionary Terms

It’s probably no exaggeration to say that manifestation and law of attraction – or at least, the understanding of those two things – is one of the most profound potential advances in the development of the human mind since the dawn of creation.

You see, the process of manifestation is one that depends on us being connected intimately to the universe, and without a shadow of a doubt, that connection is fundamental to our existence on planet Earth.

I don’t believe for one minute we evolved as a species by chance – this isn’t the concept of intelligent creation or guided creation that some apologists for Christian fundamentalists would have us believe was the way in which we were created.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to resort to any explanation other than the fact that an evolutionary force – call it a vital force if you will since it represents the creation of life on earth – moved in some way through us during the time in which our minds were evolving to their current highly advanced state.

And that evolutionary force, which I would prefer to call the cosmic consciousness, or the divine intelligence, or perhaps even God, has the power to create and shape our lives in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. Or rather, we can begin to imagine when we use the law of attraction in the way that we have been gifted – that is to say, to manifest whatever it is that we want in the face of the planet.

For those who don’t really understand the concept of manifestation it’s probably good idea to start with the definition: in which case, we can define manifestation as the process by which we can use our human intelligence and unconscious minds to create whatever it is we want in the reality of our physical world.

A definition of the law of attraction would go something like this – the law of attraction is the actual universal law by which manifestation proceeds, which allows us to exert our influence over the divine processes of manifestation.

Now this may or may not help you, because one of the things about the Law of attraction is that it’s undoubtedly something that is understood much better when you’ve actually been able to use it for yourself to shape the reality of your life.

But on the other hand, the Publication of The Secret in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne led everyone around the world to a vast and abiding interest in the mechanism by which we could possibly create reality for ourselves – and so it’s probably no exaggeration to say that almost everyone has heard of the law of attraction, or wishes to use it, but the problem is that very few people appear to be achieving success.

This may or may not be due to the way it was explained, or perhaps, as some cynics would say not explained, in The Secret, but in any event it can certainly be helpful to have guidelines for the use of the law of attraction and manifestation if you’re trying to achieve some change in the physical reality around you.

You can click on either of the two pictures below to go to the two best “manifestation information” sites on the Internet – either of which will perfectly well explain to the principles manifestation and law of attraction.

gettingwhatyouwant-1 (4) manifestation-1 (20)

Now I do not want to be discouraging about this, but I must say that I have come to the conclusion over time that there is an evolutionary process at work for those who want to use the manifestation process.

What I mean by that is that you have to have evolved a certain level of consciousness – in other words, you have to be a person whose consciousness is involved to a certain level before you can actually use the manifestation process.

And what I mean by that is that at a certain level is that you need to be sensitive, aware, conscious, and actually capable of using the mental disciplines necessary for manifesting reality in a form different to that which surrounds you at the moment.

These are, as you may well imagine, some practical difficulties to using the Law of attraction principles: you need to be able to sustain a meditative state, you need to be able to form a disciplined objective which you can adhere to, and maintain the vision in an emotional form for a prolonged period of time until it actually manifests for you.

These are fairly massive challenges for the average person, whose attention span tends to be very limited indeed, and his mind flicks constantly from one subject to another, rarely focusing for anything with intention more than a few seconds at a time.

It’s been hard I think for many authors on the subject to actually reveal the fact that not every body has the same level of consciousness, and therefore everybody’s going to achieve the same level of success in trying to use the law of attraction.

But we may well face facts here – the truth of the matter is that not everybody is at the same level of evolution, and therefore not everybody has the capacity to use the law of attraction in the way that The Secret would have us believe.


Law of Attraction & Manifestation

Ways To Create Objectives You Would Like To have In Your Life

Since the television broadcast of The Secret, authored by Rhonda Byrne, in 2006, there has been a useful amount of constructive discussion around manifestation.

Unsurprisingly men and women are keen to find out how they could get behind the wheel of their existence for the better. Or how they can have a more promising existence around them. Or how they really can produce – that is to say, bring into being – the people and situations that they crave.

But the fact is obtaining what you need is more problematic than it might look on your first attempt. That is not to definitely say that it’s super hard to employ the Law Of Creation, but it does necessitate you to really understand the right skills.


Lots of men apparently believe that should they come up with a suitable goal and envision it with energy and effort every morning for 20 minutes they are going to be fulfilled by it mysteriously appearing in their world. This is quite, I should say, a simplistic strategy, just because they’re not displaying the emotional energy and intensity which actually causes the Law of Attraction to work in their own favor.

Now, before we move any further into what this is all about it is worth clearly pointing out that manifestation is only the universe creating in your physical reality the things that you expect with complete acceptance and expectancy. The Law of Manifestation, which is also called the Law of Attraction, is the divine programming by which this happens.

 Video – Law of Attraction

As a natural part of god it looks that a divine part of our souls is able to make our desired real world objectives. In a way, that observation is rather simplistic.

Should you mentally consider these theories, you must conclude that the complete world surrounding you in this moment must be the result of your ideas and beliefs, your goals and your aspirations.

For example, when it seems you have moderately less cash available than you expect, that is definitely because at some level of the mind you support a questionable belief about just how little wealth you can invite into your life or how valuable you are – or something else that resembles this.

And if you are not in a intimate and rewarding one to one relationship, but want to be, then deep in your subconscious mind you will probably have a belief about how likable you are to somebody else, a possible partner.

This means, as I’m certain you can accept, the standard of any relationship you’re trapped in is also the product of your steadfastly held thoughts about your qualities.

What this means as you may have comprehended is that to make creation operate, your most fervent feelings need to be in line with the objective you’re trying to achieve.

If, for example, you happen to believe that you simply come from a poor history and that lack of wealth is your unavoidable destiny, there is just no logic at all in attempting to convert yourself into a wealthy person – at least till you have amended those negative belief systems. Individuals sometimes inquire of me how they can be certain that their belief systems are in line with their desires.

To put it differently, they are curious about how it is possible to be certain that you are not operating from a group of unconscious beliefs that will prevent you from attaining your objectives? The simplest and most empowering method of discovering the truth is to imagine in your mind’s eye achieving the outcome which you have set yourself.

For instance, in the event you desire to have three million bucks in your savings account in six years’ time, then you can relax in a secluded place and visualize how it feels as you imagine the experience. Your psychological response will immediately show you if you genuinely believe that outcome is possible.

In reality, you will learn at once whether this is a realistic goal for you. If it isn’t, then you have to amend your objective until it feels completely believable. And even though belief is an unavoidable and entirely mandatory part of the rule for manifestation, there are some other components.

Another significant component of creating your physical reality is burning desire. Unless you really fervently want your target, and you understand why you want it, you are not especially likely to succeed in manifesting it.

Those adults who have acquired significant success in some special area of life practically always report that they were passionate about what they are doing. And even assuming you possess total faith, and ardent desire, you still have to add two more parts to the mix to make the law of creation operate for you.

The first of those is anticipation – or expectation….. Often there is a lack of distinction between expectancy (also called expectation) and belief, which I clarify by making the point that although I may consider I really could get a million bucks in my bank account in ten months if I needed to, I don’t expect expect that to happen!

Which means anticipation is a measure of your goal and true motivation, a measure maybe of what you are inclined to do to achieve your aims.

Then, the fourth component of this technique is taking action.

Somehow the cosmic Laws of attraction appear to be more inclined to react more effectively and rapidly to those who step up to take some action to achieve an outcome. This really doesn’t have to be enormous action. You don’t have to try and move mountains in your work.

But usually experts in manifestation techniques reflecting on attraction will say exactly the same thing. That’s, that you have to take action that’ll push you in the specific direction of your objective. And, furthermore, should you discover that there is some challenge or barrier in interfering with you, persist.

Video – the Great Mystery

It is perhaps as though the Great Mystery wants to know you are true in your commitment to attaining a particular desired outcome. Perhaps all of that may sound like  a major task, but it isn’t. You should vividly imagine your goals for around twenty minutes each day and take two little steps every day that will move you in the course in which you need to really go.

Given that you’re fulfilling those aspects of the process, and your faith in your outcome, your desire to manifest, and also your expectancy are sufficiently positive, you’ll find attraction is the simplest aspect in your present life to get what you want.

Manifesting reality is an art that we can all enjoy

I want to talk very briefly about manifestation, because it is actually an essential element of enjoying a great relationship or a very good sex life.

We tend to think that everything that we do is governed by our conscious thinking, but nothing could be further from the truth – to say this massively underestimates or indeed completely ignores the incredible power of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, or the unconscious as it is sometimes known, is a part of our minds which is beyond conscious awareness, but which is responsible for the vast majority of our thinking and feeling, reasoning, intuition, creativity and much more besides – about 95% of the activity the mind takes place in the unconscious, perhaps much more.

And the unconscious is a powerful computer, much more powerful than anything is as yet been invented by computer scientists or physicists.

It’s an utterly astounding and is somewhat unbelievable force in our lives which is vastly underused for our benefit.

You see, the unconscious or subconscious mind can create whatever you want, or rather, it can cocreated in keeping with the universe is expectations that we are a channel for the manifestation of our own reality.

Now you may wonder at this point what on earth I’m talking about, and that’s not too surprising. The thing in our lives proposes for the enormity of what we are capable of should we actually explore the area of manifestation the crow creation of reality in keeping with universal force.

And it is for that reason that so many people scorn and mock the idea of manifestation. Another unfortunate reason why they do this is because things like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne have led people to believe that creating whatever they want, getting what they want, essentially an acquisitive process of greedy expectation and materialism, is very easy and simple.

Because the truth is that anything that actually enhances the quality of your life does require significant effort, at least to start with, when you don’t really know what you’re playing with or how the forces of nature can work on your behalf.

So let me take you right back to the beginning, and explain to what’s necessary at each step of the process for manifestation – that might help you to understand why you, perhaps, are not getting the success rate that you would like by using process manifestation.

I should also add at this point, that another term used to describe the process of manifestation by mental processing is The Law of Attraction. Or, to be more accurate, The Law of Attraction is in fact the process which the universe uses to manifest reality when an individual like your eyes sets out to achieve something specific for ourselves.

So criteria number one is that this process will only work for something that you want for yourself. You can’t manifest something using the Law of Attraction for somebody else.

Law of attraction

How Manifestation Works

So having decided what it is that you want, and knowing that it is only possible for you to manifest something for yourself, the next step in the process is for you to find a way of estimating your desires up in an image that can be visualized easily and simply.

You see, visualization is the process by which the mind is able to connect with the universal consciousness, also known as great mystery, or cosmic consciousness, or the collective unconscious. (I sometimes think that our need to explain and justify and rationalize is one of the reasons why we have so many terms and definitions in our lives.

But make no mistake about it, whatever you call the law of attraction, or the process of manifestation, or the great mystery that lies behind it, you as a human being have a divine right, and natural innate ability, to connect with this energetic source of all and produce whatever it is that you want in your life.)

Now generally people speak of energy around visualization as being emotional energy, and often they talk of the energetic pleasure and delight and joy that you feel as you visualize your image.

That’s absolutely true, but I might add that visualization, even when it supported by intense energetic processes, is not sufficient to produce or manifest what it is you want in the world.

A lot of people think that if they sit on their asses for hours a day, visualizing whatever it is that they want in their lives, they going to be successful in achieving it, that it will somehow mysteriously appear in their lives.

If you’re in this camp, think again!

The truth of the matter is that visualizing for five or 10 minutes a day is perfectly sufficient provided you’re in the right frame of mind, and you are using the right energetic processes.

No doubt at this stage are wondering what the right energetic processes might be! Well, to put it simply, we’ve already covered the fact that you have to have a clear idea of what it is you want, that you have to energize your imagination as you picture it arriving in your life. The other critical factors are belief and expectancy.

Belief and expectancy

People often ask me what I mean by belief and expectancy, and I think it’s best summed up by saying that would have you believe you can achieve, you will achieve in other words, the limitations on your thinking what put limitations on your manifestation, or what the universe is willing to give to you.

You absolutely have to believe that whatever it is that you’re picturing, whatever it is that you actually have to get in your life, is something that you can physically achieve. No matter that the universe is capacity to manifest reality is unlimited – what limits your expectations is what limits what appears in your life.

Indeed, many people who set out with massive objectives quickly realize that the soon as they start imaging, they don’t in any way shape or form believe that what it is there imaging is actually possible for them to have in their lives in reality.

The most common reason for this is poor self worth, or a poor self-image, or a lack of confidence… Would have you want call it, is certainly the manifestation of a whole series of limiting beliefs that have been with you since childhood.

Those limiting beliefs are the ones that govern every aspect of your existence on this planet – what you achieve, what you feel, what you think, the quality of your relationships, the quality of your sexual relationships, the quality of your experience of the world, the jaw you feel… Absolutely every single thing that you experience in any way, shape or form is governed by the beliefs that you hold about yourself.

And you’ll see, a background of that intensity, of that rigidity, of that absolute-ness, if I may put it that way means that you cannot possibly manifest reality in the way that you want unless you have gone out of your way to eliminate negative and limiting beliefs.

You simply can’t summon up the energetic framework of consistent and absolute belief if you are running belief system which is directly contrary to whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve.

You might want to look on the Internet for advice and information about how you can overcome limiting beliefs, and then having done that, you can finally set to work imagining a different reality in your life with a degree of confidence of success.

Losing Weight Fasts

What that is rather a bad plan is the title of this post, but even so this is serious truth behind it.

The first thing I want to point out is that you get more sex if you’re slim. Now that may be an unpleasant truth for a lot of you out there, because obesity is a national epidemic as we all know. But nonetheless, the truth of the matter is that slim girls have more fun.

Okay, I grant you they’re a bunch of racist, homophobic, misogynistic ranters, but they are making a point which needs to be seriously considered: slim girls have more fun.

They considered more attractive, they considered better looking, they get more desirable men, and they probably have a more enjoyable life because they’re not carrying pounds pounds of excess fat around.

So which group would you rather be in? Would you rather be an attractive woman whose can have better sex, or a fat woman who’s going to date and attractive, possibly fat men, and he’s going to have sex which is much less enjoyable simply because she’s so obese that she can’t move around the bed freely?

I mean when I put it like that, there’s no contest, is there?

And does good sex depend on being slim? Yes of course it does! Not only can you try new sex positions that aren’t open to other people, but you can actually use energetic thrusting, you can be physical, you can engage with your partner and a sexy and exciting way, and frankly just have a damn’ good time.

Which brings us to the $1 million question — which is, how you’re going to lose weight?how are you going to lose weight fast? Is any diet program on the market actually do work for you? Well for a moment let’s get serious about this. Many of the diet programs and diet tips that are available on the market don’t work because they don’t take account of factors in the human diet and environment which prevent weight loss from occurring easily.

I won’t bore you with the physiology of this, but basically what it amounts to is that certain elements of the diet that we randomly consume in the West, particularly sugar and grains, have been blamed for the inactivity of the hormone leptin, which is the fat burning hormone that controls weight loss, or to be more accurate controls their position and release of fat in the human body.

So any diet which can increase the effectiveness of leptin in the body is actually going to make weight loss easier. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do some moderate exercise, what it means is you don’t have to pound away in the gym killing yourself to lose weight. If you want to know more about the diet based around the effectiveness of leptin, which is called the Venus Factor then simply click here for more information. If you’d better know how leptin works, and what its role in the human body actually is, then you need to get the facts here.