Making a Great Leap Forward in Evolutionary Terms

It’s probably no exaggeration to say that manifestation and law of attraction – or at least, the understanding of those two things – is one of the most profound potential advances in the development of the human mind since the dawn of creation.

You see, the process of manifestation is one that depends on us being connected intimately to the universe, and without a shadow of a doubt, that connection is fundamental to our existence on planet Earth.

I don’t believe for one minute we evolved as a species by chance – this isn’t the concept of intelligent creation or guided creation that some apologists for Christian fundamentalists would have us believe was the way in which we were created.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to resort to any explanation other than the fact that an evolutionary force – call it a vital force if you will since it represents the creation of life on earth – moved in some way through us during the time in which our minds were evolving to their current highly advanced state.

And that evolutionary force, which I would prefer to call the cosmic consciousness, or the divine intelligence, or perhaps even God, has the power to create and shape our lives in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. Or rather, we can begin to imagine when we use the law of attraction in the way that we have been gifted – that is to say, to manifest whatever it is that we want in the face of the planet.

For those who don’t really understand the concept of manifestation it’s probably good idea to start with the definition: in which case, we can define manifestation as the process by which we can use our human intelligence and unconscious minds to create whatever it is we want in the reality of our physical world.

A definition of the law of attraction would go something like this – the law of attraction is the actual universal law by which manifestation proceeds, which allows us to exert our influence over the divine processes of manifestation.

Now this may or may not help you, because one of the things about the Law of attraction is that it’s undoubtedly something that is understood much better when you’ve actually been able to use it for yourself to shape the reality of your life.

But on the other hand, the Publication of The Secret in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne led everyone around the world to a vast and abiding interest in the mechanism by which we could possibly create reality for ourselves – and so it’s probably no exaggeration to say that almost everyone has heard of the law of attraction, or wishes to use it, but the problem is that very few people appear to be achieving success.

This may or may not be due to the way it was explained, or perhaps, as some cynics would say not explained, in The Secret, but in any event it can certainly be helpful to have guidelines for the use of the law of attraction and manifestation if you’re trying to achieve some change in the physical reality around you.

You can click on either of the two pictures below to go to the two best “manifestation information” sites on the Internet – either of which will perfectly well explain to the principles manifestation and law of attraction.

gettingwhatyouwant-1 (4) manifestation-1 (20)

Now I do not want to be discouraging about this, but I must say that I have come to the conclusion over time that there is an evolutionary process at work for those who want to use the manifestation process.

What I mean by that is that you have to have evolved a certain level of consciousness – in other words, you have to be a person whose consciousness is involved to a certain level before you can actually use the manifestation process.

And what I mean by that is that at a certain level is that you need to be sensitive, aware, conscious, and actually capable of using the mental disciplines necessary for manifesting reality in a form different to that which surrounds you at the moment.

These are, as you may well imagine, some practical difficulties to using the Law of attraction principles: you need to be able to sustain a meditative state, you need to be able to form a disciplined objective which you can adhere to, and maintain the vision in an emotional form for a prolonged period of time until it actually manifests for you.

These are fairly massive challenges for the average person, whose attention span tends to be very limited indeed, and his mind flicks constantly from one subject to another, rarely focusing for anything with intention more than a few seconds at a time.

It’s been hard I think for many authors on the subject to actually reveal the fact that not every body has the same level of consciousness, and therefore everybody’s going to achieve the same level of success in trying to use the law of attraction.

But we may well face facts here – the truth of the matter is that not everybody is at the same level of evolution, and therefore not everybody has the capacity to use the law of attraction in the way that The Secret would have us believe.


Take Your Sex Life Into Orbit With Female Ejaculation

And if you’re thinking that’s gross, think again!

Female ejaculation is one of the most exciting and without doubt arousing experiences that you can have – women shy away from it because they tend to think that it’s dirty or somehow shameful, whilst men are rapaciously turned on by it… What you have to understand here is that for a man, nothing is more exciting during sexual activity than a woman who is so turned on that she can actually ejaculate.

Indeed, in all my  experience with female ejaculation – I’m a woman, by the way – I have never come across a man who didn’t like it, who wasn’t raised to a peak of arousal by female ejaculation.

By squirting in his face, you demonstrate that you are both highly aroused, that he is a fantastic lover, and that you are out of control – which by definition probably means you’re in his control! (Men must have these fantasies!)

Now, joking aside, there’s no question about female ejaculation being one of the ways in which women can reach a peak of sexual enjoyment far greater than during almost any other sexual activity.

That’s because the orgasms induced by G spot stimulation, which are responsible for female ejaculation, are of a different quality to clitoral orgasms.

The G spot, all the clitoral urethral complex, as some scientists now prefer to call it, is full of pelvic nerves – an innervation which is mystically different (I was originally typing distinctly different, but I think maybe mystically is probably the more appropriate word!) to that of the clitoris.

So while the clitoris appears to be stimulated by a more or less mechanical stimulation of finger or tongue, and lead to a very pleasant but purely physical orgasm, G spot stimulation appears to result in an emotional quality to the orgasm which is about connection with partner, connection to self, and perhaps even connection to the universe at large.

In that sense, G spot orgasms have a transpersonal quality which lends the depth and profundity that is hard to experience in any other form of female orgasm.

You can combine G spot orgasms with the physical pleasure of the clitoral orgasm, by massaging the G spot in a particular way, or by having it continually strokes during long-lasting intercourse by man’s erect penis – although in my experience there are comparatively few men who can sustain an erection for long enough to be able to bring a woman to G spot orgasm during intercourse… Most men actually ejaculate long before the woman is ready to come in this way.

That means that most G spot stimulation that leads female ejaculation is going to have to be done by means of a finger or a sex toy… And although that isn’t quite the same as having it produced by your lovers erect penis thrusting inside your vagina, it’s still a pretty good way of achieving this level of sexual pleasure.

Female Ejaculation – How to make a woman female ejaculate

Now although it’s highly informative, this video doesn’t emphasize sufficiently the fact that the G spot orgasm is primarily the product of an intimate loving connection between a woman and her partner.

G spot orgasms are very different to clitoral orgasms, as I said above, and they depend on intimacy and connection which goes beyond the physicality of a sexual relationship into the emotional bond between two people.

Techniques like eye gazing, massage, physical connection, gentle touching and cuddling, coordinated breathing, and chakra alignment are all very necessary for a couple to experience the intimacy necessary for a woman to melt into state of her being which can experience a G spot orgasm.

One interesting aspect of all of this is the disrespect for the female orgasm, which the patriarchy has embodied and appears to continue to embody in many different forms even in the 21st-century.

From  glamour

Rather than dividing orgasms into clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot, they should all be referred to as “female orgasms,” says a new paper in Clinical Anatomy. The “internal clitoris,” which has been thought to cause vaginal orgasms, is a myth, say Vincenzo Puppo and Giulia Puppo, co-authors and sexologists at the Italian Center of Sexology and the University of Florence. Instead, the clitoris is fully external and basically the motherboard of women’s orgasms.

The clitoris is made up of the glans (body) and crura (roots), and the popular term “clitoral bulbs” should actually be replaced with “vestibular bulbs,” per the paper. The scientists found no anatomical connection between the vagina and the clitoris. Rather, “vaginal” orgasms are actually caused by the stimulation of “surrounding erectile organs” like the clitoris and labia minora, not by anything that’s going on internally.

The research also presents the notion that orgasm is always possible in all women if the clitoris, is properly stimulated. …. So much of the female orgasm is mental, and a woman thinking she should always be able to come could put too much pressure on herself and feel like a failure if she can’t. At the same time, I can certainly see this being encouraging to women who feel like they’re on the brink but have never actually gotten there.

The scientists also said “female sexual satisfaction is based on orgasm and resolution.” Part of me loves that: I’m all for closing the orgasm gap between how often men and women reach their peaks. It’s a truly dastardly thing, so I’m glad they’re dropping the knowledge that, yeah, our orgasms matter just as much as men’s. But most women don’t come every time and many are fine with that, so is that invalidating how satisfied they feel? Of course it would be amazing if women could have orgasms willy-nilly just like guys, but our bodies are more complicated than that.

I’m 100 percent on board with the study telling women they shouldn’t feel inferior because they can’t orgasm from penetration alone. But what about those who swear they can? I have a friend who tells me she regularly orgasms after a few strokes of her apparently nonexistent G-spot. Maybe the researchers are right and women who experience that are unwittingly stimulating themselves externally, but bodies are wildly different. Isn’t the whole allure of vaginas that they’re much more mysterious than penises? I’m no scientist, but it’s hard for me to believe every woman reaches orgasm the same way.

Manifesting reality is an art that we can all enjoy

I want to talk very briefly about manifestation, because it is actually an essential element of enjoying a great relationship or a very good sex life.

We tend to think that everything that we do is governed by our conscious thinking, but nothing could be further from the truth – to say this massively underestimates or indeed completely ignores the incredible power of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, or the unconscious as it is sometimes known, is a part of our minds which is beyond conscious awareness, but which is responsible for the vast majority of our thinking and feeling, reasoning, intuition, creativity and much more besides – about 95% of the activity the mind takes place in the unconscious, perhaps much more.

And the unconscious is a powerful computer, much more powerful than anything is as yet been invented by computer scientists or physicists.

It’s an utterly astounding and is somewhat unbelievable force in our lives which is vastly underused for our benefit.

You see, the unconscious or subconscious mind can create whatever you want, or rather, it can cocreated in keeping with the universe is expectations that we are a channel for the manifestation of our own reality.

Now you may wonder at this point what on earth I’m talking about, and that’s not too surprising. The thing in our lives proposes for the enormity of what we are capable of should we actually explore the area of manifestation the crow creation of reality in keeping with universal force.

And it is for that reason that so many people scorn and mock the idea of manifestation. Another unfortunate reason why they do this is because things like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne have led people to believe that creating whatever they want, getting what they want, essentially an acquisitive process of greedy expectation and materialism, is very easy and simple.

Because the truth is that anything that actually enhances the quality of your life does require significant effort, at least to start with, when you don’t really know what you’re playing with or how the forces of nature can work on your behalf.

So let me take you right back to the beginning, and explain to what’s necessary at each step of the process for manifestation – that might help you to understand why you, perhaps, are not getting the success rate that you would like by using process manifestation.

I should also add at this point, that another term used to describe the process of manifestation by mental processing is The Law of Attraction. Or, to be more accurate, The Law of Attraction is in fact the process which the universe uses to manifest reality when an individual like your eyes sets out to achieve something specific for ourselves.

So criteria number one is that this process will only work for something that you want for yourself. You can’t manifest something using the Law of Attraction for somebody else.

Law of attraction

How Manifestation Works

So having decided what it is that you want, and knowing that it is only possible for you to manifest something for yourself, the next step in the process is for you to find a way of estimating your desires up in an image that can be visualized easily and simply.

You see, visualization is the process by which the mind is able to connect with the universal consciousness, also known as great mystery, or cosmic consciousness, or the collective unconscious. (I sometimes think that our need to explain and justify and rationalize is one of the reasons why we have so many terms and definitions in our lives.

But make no mistake about it, whatever you call the law of attraction, or the process of manifestation, or the great mystery that lies behind it, you as a human being have a divine right, and natural innate ability, to connect with this energetic source of all and produce whatever it is that you want in your life.)

Now generally people speak of energy around visualization as being emotional energy, and often they talk of the energetic pleasure and delight and joy that you feel as you visualize your image.

That’s absolutely true, but I might add that visualization, even when it supported by intense energetic processes, is not sufficient to produce or manifest what it is you want in the world.

A lot of people think that if they sit on their asses for hours a day, visualizing whatever it is that they want in their lives, they going to be successful in achieving it, that it will somehow mysteriously appear in their lives.

If you’re in this camp, think again!

The truth of the matter is that visualizing for five or 10 minutes a day is perfectly sufficient provided you’re in the right frame of mind, and you are using the right energetic processes.

No doubt at this stage are wondering what the right energetic processes might be! Well, to put it simply, we’ve already covered the fact that you have to have a clear idea of what it is you want, that you have to energize your imagination as you picture it arriving in your life. The other critical factors are belief and expectancy.

Belief and expectancy

People often ask me what I mean by belief and expectancy, and I think it’s best summed up by saying that would have you believe you can achieve, you will achieve in other words, the limitations on your thinking what put limitations on your manifestation, or what the universe is willing to give to you.

You absolutely have to believe that whatever it is that you’re picturing, whatever it is that you actually have to get in your life, is something that you can physically achieve. No matter that the universe is capacity to manifest reality is unlimited – what limits your expectations is what limits what appears in your life.

Indeed, many people who set out with massive objectives quickly realize that the soon as they start imaging, they don’t in any way shape or form believe that what it is there imaging is actually possible for them to have in their lives in reality.

The most common reason for this is poor self worth, or a poor self-image, or a lack of confidence… Would have you want call it, is certainly the manifestation of a whole series of limiting beliefs that have been with you since childhood.

Those limiting beliefs are the ones that govern every aspect of your existence on this planet – what you achieve, what you feel, what you think, the quality of your relationships, the quality of your sexual relationships, the quality of your experience of the world, the jaw you feel… Absolutely every single thing that you experience in any way, shape or form is governed by the beliefs that you hold about yourself.

And you’ll see, a background of that intensity, of that rigidity, of that absolute-ness, if I may put it that way means that you cannot possibly manifest reality in the way that you want unless you have gone out of your way to eliminate negative and limiting beliefs.

You simply can’t summon up the energetic framework of consistent and absolute belief if you are running belief system which is directly contrary to whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve.

You might want to look on the Internet for advice and information about how you can overcome limiting beliefs, and then having done that, you can finally set to work imagining a different reality in your life with a degree of confidence of success.

Stopping Premature Ejaculation

How You Can Keep Going Longer During Sex – Dealing With Rapid Climax

Even the most experienced lover may find that he ejaculates prematurely from time to time. Since it’s so common, we can assume stopping early ejaculation is almost a completely natural desire. Consequently some men need to learn the art of lasting longer during sex, to enable them to obtain maximum sexual pleasure for themselves and completely satisfy their partner during sex.

But fast ejaculation isn’t only a difficulty of sexual fulfillment for the woman: men who consistently reach climax too soon experience a feeling of failure which can affect their self- esteem as a man. Not to mention the fact that nearly all women who routinely have sex with a man who ejaculates too quickly are sexually frustrated and unsatisfied, no matter if they have orgasms by genital masturbation or cunnilingus. This is because they actually want the intimacy and connection of extended lovemaking.

What this means, therefore, is if you wish to strengthen the quality of your partnership in all areas, both inside and outside the bedroom, you as a man need to take control of your love life and learn how to keep going longer when you make love. The average length of sexual intercourse is less than three minutes, which will not satisfy most women, even if they’ve achieved orgasm before intercourse starts. Women want to feel the man has the power to last longer in bed so that they can enjoy the sense of intimacy and connection which making love gives them.

Even so, it can be a challenge to deal with premature ejaculation. Wrapped up in the exhilaration and arousal of making love, all the good intentions which a man may have before he gets into bed tend to go out of the window fairly rapidly, and a cycle of rapid ejaculation and low self- esteem can becomea downward spiral.

Having said that, when you know how to do it, controlling early ejaculation can be a lot easier than you ever imagined. What follows could make all the difference to your ability to control your tendency to ejaculate too soon during lovemaking, and the great thing is that these tips are both simple and effective.

The first requirement for controlling premature ejaculation is that you are 100% committed to improve your performance in bed. I’ve met a lot of men who say that they want to control it, but when they actually get into bed their good intentions quickly evaporate in the excitement of making love. As I say, decide right now that you’re going to control premature ejaculation and develop greater staying power. Do it for your partner’s sake, if not your own, because when she is happier in bed, your whole relationship will improve.

Second: discover ways to relax as you have sex. Of course a lot of tension can build up in the excitement sexual intercourse, that’s only natural. But the reality is that when your muscles are tense and your body is aroused – which you see in the form of shallow breathing and slight perspiration- you’re almost certainly going to ejaculate more quickly than you would if you were more relaxed. One way that you can prove this to yourself is to make love in the man on top position and then to try sex with the woman on top. In the first case you’re much more tense, and you’re likely to ejaculate much more quickly.

Surprisingly, it is possible to remain relaxed and your breathing deep and slow even when you become wrapped up in the excitement of sexual arousal. What you should do is maintain part of your mind alert to how tense you are and how deep your breathing is. Each time you sense you’re becoming tense, consciously relax your muscles; each time you notice your breathing is shallow, deliberately slow it down and take regular deep breaths. These two tactics can dramatically improve your staying power and help you to last much longer.

Third: ensure that you are sensitive enough to the signals your system is giving you to understand how near you are to having an orgasm. The majority of men who wish to delay your orgasm have little awareness of how near they are to the point of ejaculatory inevitability ( that’s the point where you already know you will ejaculate and nothing can stop it happening ). And so, when you actually have awareness of how aroused you are, you have the power to slow down the rhythm of sex or stop making love altogether until your arousal is dropped to a safe level.

Ensure that you have at an hour to yourself and that you will not be disturbed before beginning to masturbate with olive oil. Repeatedly come to the point where you feel you might reach orgasm, but maintain an awareness of how aroused you are, and ensure that you notice the signals that indicate your approach to the point of orgasm, and stop before you ejaculate.

When you begin this exercise, you will find that your awareness increases dramatically – and very quickly! Before long you’ll bring yourself to the point of ejaculation without having an orgasm. You should masturbate continually for an hour without ejaculating; increase and reduce how much arousal you experience, and take note of the way it feels in your body when you approach sexual climax.

When you’re making love you must know how aroused you are – and that sensation lets you know. This is a simple technique which can extend your ability to last longer in bed . Most men who try it rapidly discover that they can make love to a partner and increase their staying power even further.

Losing Weight Fasts

What that is rather a bad plan is the title of this post, but even so this is serious truth behind it.

The first thing I want to point out is that you get more sex if you’re slim. Now that may be an unpleasant truth for a lot of you out there, because obesity is a national epidemic as we all know. But nonetheless, the truth of the matter is that slim girls have more fun.

Okay, I grant you they’re a bunch of racist, homophobic, misogynistic ranters, but they are making a point which needs to be seriously considered: slim girls have more fun.

They considered more attractive, they considered better looking, they get more desirable men, and they probably have a more enjoyable life because they’re not carrying pounds pounds of excess fat around.

So which group would you rather be in? Would you rather be an attractive woman whose can have better sex, or a fat woman who’s going to date and attractive, possibly fat men, and he’s going to have sex which is much less enjoyable simply because she’s so obese that she can’t move around the bed freely?

I mean when I put it like that, there’s no contest, is there?

And does good sex depend on being slim? Yes of course it does! Not only can you try new sex positions that aren’t open to other people, but you can actually use energetic thrusting, you can be physical, you can engage with your partner and a sexy and exciting way, and frankly just have a damn’ good time.

Which brings us to the $1 million question — which is, how you’re going to lose weight?how are you going to lose weight fast? Is any diet program on the market actually do work for you? Well for a moment let’s get serious about this. Many of the diet programs and diet tips that are available on the market don’t work because they don’t take account of factors in the human diet and environment which prevent weight loss from occurring easily.

I won’t bore you with the physiology of this, but basically what it amounts to is that certain elements of the diet that we randomly consume in the West, particularly sugar and grains, have been blamed for the inactivity of the hormone leptin, which is the fat burning hormone that controls weight loss, or to be more accurate controls their position and release of fat in the human body.

So any diet which can increase the effectiveness of leptin in the body is actually going to make weight loss easier. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do some moderate exercise, what it means is you don’t have to pound away in the gym killing yourself to lose weight. If you want to know more about the diet based around the effectiveness of leptin, which is called the Venus Factor then simply click here for more information. If you’d better know how leptin works, and what its role in the human body actually is, then you need to get the facts here.

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Anything as important as weak erections in older males will need to be addressed – and for young males, it seems that premature ejaculation is becoming a concern that’s just as important and pressing to many. The same is true of yeast infection in men and women. You can cure yeast infection easily.

Come to think of it, is there a specifically compelling reason why premature ejaculation is now the focus of this much amount of investigation and research? A major contributing factor is clearly the fact that sex partners are not anymore ready to put up with a sex life that is less than fulfilling. The extensive information spike about sexual matters that took place in these past twenty years can be attributed to the unfettered access to porn on the internet and the gradual decline of sexual inhibitions. This indicates that previously taboo topics such as premature ejaculation are now more ordinary, less difficult to deal with, and certainly easier for people to talk about. But even now, only a few men try to get treatment.

In all likelihood, it’s an issue of self-esteem for males but the most recent medical findings reveal that most men suffering from premature ejaculation problems failed to seek any kind of remedy for their condition. For females, it represents a frustrating discontinuation of rhythm and connection during lovemaking. It’s not so much about the fact that a woman can’t reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, because this is relatively uncommon in any case, but more about the fact that pleasurable sex doesn’t last as long as it otherwise might. The intimacy between them is abruptly severed prior to a woman gaining a sense of real connection with the man.

Ironically, effective remedies to this dysfunction were already known as far back as sixty years ago when early researchers like Masters and Johnson mentioned sexual psychotherapy and other treatments. And these clinical interventions – usually referred to as a “stop-start” technique and the “squeeze” technique – actually work! That these techniques didn’t achieve more widespread acceptance (and use) as can be reasonably expected is because sexual partners don’t have the inclination to continue using these methods. In part, this is because the male finds it more convenient to just relinquish his self-control and surrender to the desire to climax during sex. The man habitually does this at the point where he reaches ejaculatory inevitability during intercourse. Yeast infection can be cured using Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen.

There’s no doubt that the impulse to release sperm during sex is powerfully overwhelming for most men. Were all hard-wired by millennia of evolution and survival to feel this way. The woman has to get pregnant for the species to continue, so the impulse to release is a naturally instinctive reaction. But, like most instinctive responses, males can muzzle it – by taking a decision to actually develop control of ejaculation. In short, the desire to release can be overcome, marginalized, and sacrificed for the longer term results of achieving greater self-control during intercourse.

Controlling premature ejaculation is a more meaningful path to achieve a greater degree of male self-respect, self-esteem, and sexual self-control. But what is normal? Anything so intrinsic (as sex is) to man-and-woman relationships is, by definition, always influenced by cultural and social norms. Consequently, while the most recent findings have indicated that the mean length of sexual intercourse is in the range of 7 minutes, the time considered as normal for intercourse in non-Western cultures is significantly different.

Let’s look more closely and see how this works. What method do they utilize in order to determine length of time in sexual intercourse? It’s problematic, to say the least, that a stop watch has to be used during a deeply intimate interaction between a man and his partner to monitor the exact time between penile entry and ejaculation. So what level of reliability are we expected to accept on numbers arrived at using a stop watch by a woman while her male partner makes love to her, unless she’s absolutely detached from what he’s doing? And if she’s indeed indifferent to to be able to measure the time correctly, does that imply that the male partner may not be particularly concerned about controlling his own climax?

Presupposing that a questionable method like this might produce some amount of reliable data sounds ludicrously optimistic. If, for the sake of argument we did agree to 7 minutes as the average duration for sexual intercourse (and 7 minutes is in fact longer than many research findings have established as an average length of time of intercourse), then how do we reconcile this with the fact that in certain Arabic cultures rapid release is singularly taken as a sign of manhood? This indicates that the reported frequency of premature ejaculation in these Middle Eastern countries is, by definition, much lesser than in, for example, Latin America, where both men and women regard lengthy sex as a sign of male strength.

One man who has spent a lot of time researching premature ejaculation is Dr. Marcel Waldinger, a neuropsychiatrist in the Netherlands, who also runs a sexual health center. He wrote that the number of men in the population who are in fact suffering from premature ejaculation is far lesser than findings from studies bankrolled by drug corporations might lead us to believe. His methodology is to record the exact time from penile entry to the moment of ejaculation. He maintains that his procedure is the only objective measure of whether a male suffers from premature ejaculation or not.

External issues like questions of sexual satisfaction or a male subject’s own opinion of the degree of his own self-control are not part of Dr. Waldinger’s measurements. But there are also those who would regard those factors as absolutely fundamental to understanding premature ejaculation. As a matter of fact, premature ejaculation has historically been described in a manner that demonstrates either one or both of the partners in a sexual relationship to be experiencing emotional frustration because of the male partner’s inordinately fast sexual responses. The implication is that even if a couple only achieves 30 seconds of lovemaking but both of them are fulfilled and contented with this duration, then the man, based on the classical definition, is not really a premature ejaculate.

Is this important? Yes, I think it does matter, for several reasons. Number one, it’s not only motivating but practical for men to have a a set of standards against which to evaluate themselves as sexual partners. The absence of such information can only lead to low self-esteem and uncertainty when a man has no sense of how he performs sexually compared to other men. Unless his friends are being truthful about their sexual experiences and talking about it openly, he won’t know whether a couple of minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes is sufficient. And even if he does manage to make love for ten minutes but the woman doesn’t reach orgasm, he will still have no idea if that constitutes a superior sexual performance or not.